Writer’s Guilt

So here’s the thing. I know I’m supposed to be writing. I mean especially now in November for the Nanowrimoheyho or whatever it’s called. I get emails from them almost daily reminding me of what I need to be doing, which is feeling guilty for not writing.

So I go. I feel guilty. I stare at blank pages on my computer screen. I change the color from white to pink, because I read somewhere that pink is a calming color. Or was it inspiring? Anyway, I figure it can’t hurt. Unless it does. Because I still don’t get anything done.

So I do what all good writers do. I play Solitaire. Obviously it was for this exact purpose that Microsoft installed Solitaire into its operating system. When I had a Mac, I had to find a good Solitaire since they rudely didn’t give it standard. I don’t know… maybe they do now. For the writers.

So I play Solitaire for a while and try to make my brain work, try to awaken my muse and feed her strong tea and chocolates. Sometimes it works. Other time I have to resort to Mahjong on the internet.

Sad songs on my playlist. Or heavy metal. Or classical if I am feeling more wordless. What I don’t do is watch television, because that is the kiss of death for writing that evening.

Eventually I find my way back to the writing. I berate myself and sigh a lot, and get my particular friend to give me his best “What the hell! Just do it!” look, and I type words and words and words and sometimes a lot of them make sense. Others are detritus… the flotsam and jetsam of a brain off course, or lost in a storm.

And when things get really bad, and I can’t even string together a single creative sentence, I sit down and express just how frustrated I am into the realm of the blogosphere, and Voila! I feel the creative juices flow again, and my muse smiles on me, and I go back to whatever little universe in my mind that now has awoken and is ready to show me its secrets.

So thanks for listening! I’m going to go write now!


3 Responses to “Writer’s Guilt”

  1. Diana Beebe Says:

    Love it! It’s really above getting the detritus out to make room for the good stuff, isn’t it. No TV for me, too, if I’m going to get anything done. I’m learning to let go of the writer’s guilt (I’ve had it for too many years now)–I’ll write when I can.

    Woohoo for pushing the junk out of the way! I was feeling a bit sleeping due to the time change. Then I read this post. There’s writing to be done. 😉 Thanks, friend!

  2. Nicole Grabner Says:

    I’m so glad that we could help you with your muse. I know how tough it can be to feel like you aren’t putting your all into your writing, but with work, school, and family, sometimes there just doesn’t feel like there is enough left – at least for me. This made me smile and reminded me why I like writing so much. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Karla Darcy Says:

    I really had to chuckle at this post. I have a Mac and I play Text Twist because I can’t download it to my computer. I think I won’t play it if it doesn’t lurk there. I like the idea of clearing out the junk. Great post.

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