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Writer’s Guilt

November 4, 2012

So here’s the thing. I know I’m supposed to be writing. I mean especially now in November for the Nanowrimoheyho or whatever it’s called. I get emails from them almost daily reminding me of what I need to be doing, which is feeling guilty for not writing.

So I go. I feel guilty. I stare at blank pages on my computer screen. I change the color from white to pink, because I read somewhere that pink is a calming color. Or was it inspiring? Anyway, I figure it can’t hurt. Unless it does. Because I still don’t get anything done.

So I do what all good writers do. I play Solitaire. Obviously it was for this exact purpose that Microsoft installed Solitaire into its operating system. When I had a Mac, I had to find a good Solitaire since they rudely didn’t give it standard. I don’t know… maybe they do now. For the writers.

So I play Solitaire for a while and try to make my brain work, try to awaken my muse and feed her strong tea and chocolates. Sometimes it works. Other time I have to resort to Mahjong on the internet.

Sad songs on my playlist. Or heavy metal. Or classical if I am feeling more wordless. What I don’t do is watch television, because that is the kiss of death for writing that evening.

Eventually I find my way back to the writing. I berate myself and sigh a lot, and get my particular friend to give me his best “What the hell! Just do it!” look, and I type words and words and words and sometimes a lot of them make sense. Others are detritus… the flotsam and jetsam of a brain off course, or lost in a storm.

And when things get really bad, and I can’t even string together a single creative sentence, I sit down and express just how frustrated I am into the realm of the blogosphere, and Voila! I feel the creative juices flow again, and my muse smiles on me, and I go back to whatever little universe in my mind that now has awoken and is ready to show me its secrets.

So thanks for listening! I’m going to go write now!