So I was going through my documents folder on my computer and I found one titled Reasons.  I had no recollection of writing it.  Judging by the date the document was created, I figured it was likely something to do with my late marriage.  I furrowed my brow, squinched up my nose and pursed my lips.  Visiting that particular graveyard was not something I enjoyed overmuch.

But hey, it might have been something different!  Perhaps I was outlining some fabulous new character for a novel, which I had forgotten!  Perhaps it was a stunning treatise on how to better teach writing to 7th graders (who would rather be doing anything rather than listen to me teach about gerund use).  Perhaps it was an affirmation letting me know that I am a creature you does so… who reasons.

Whatever it was, I felt sure it would be fine inspiration for some sort of blog entry!  Even if it turned out to be something heart-rending and deeply personal!  I mean, if I can’t share my innermost secrets with you, my readers, my closest and most discreet friends, then who can I share them with? Gigglesnort.

So I took the plunge… ok, I actually just hit the mouse button… and opened Reasons.

And that’s all it was.  The word Reasons, followed by a colon.

Whatever it was that inspired me, I guess I didn’t have the reasons to follow it up.  Or maybe there were no reasons for whatever was bothering me or delighting me.  I could probably fill it up now.  Pages and pages of reasons, name your flavor, give me an agony, a pleasure, a quandary, and I can provide reasons galore.

Or, you know, not.  Sometimes there are no reasons.  Sometimes it’s dumb luck.  Sometimes it’s God’s will.  Sometimes it’s gravity or cellular respiration or entropy or your deodorant fails or rain washes away the chalk drawings or the photographs you know you’d never have thrown away remain hidden from your best efforts to eviscerate the closets and drawers.

And honestly, I often feel like I can’t write Reasons on the “Hi! My Name Is” sticker glued to my lapel, because I don’t reason.  I feel emotion and I act on impulse and I’m impetuous and just plain irrational.

I just hope I don’t find a document labeled Questions!  But if I do, it better be ten pages long, because if it’s blank, I’ll be pestering you folks with blogs till the four horsemen come!


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8 Responses to “Reasons”

  1. dmbardwell Says:

    I loved reading this, so funny

  2. Nicole Grabner Says:

    Just recently I went through the worst case of “writer’s block” I could ever imagine…to the point where I was even doubting that I could write. I think that we are meant to have these moments sometimes to put in perspective why we write. I LOVED reading this and can’t wait to see what’s next. 🙂

    • lizacaruthersblog Says:

      You are most kind! And I agree with you. Words are a lot like wagon wheels and we can easily get stuck in ruts. And yes, I’m watching a western right now, why do you ask?

  3. Seamus Says:

    At least it gave you a chance to talk about gerund usage in a blog posting. That’s never a bad thing.

  4. V.P. Crowe Says:

    Oh Liza, this is priceless.

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