Looney Tunes on a Thursday Afternoon

This is where I learned to appreciate classical music.  It’s also where I got to enjoy all the pop culture references of the 1940s and 1950s, especially those having to do with the actors of Warner Bros. Studios, and WWII.

But they never seem to show my favorites.  I wish they’d just release all of the cartoons, in chronological order.  Yes, even the offensive ones.  I thought the DVDs they have already released did a good job discussing the place those offensive ones had in the past.

No, I’m not saying the offensive ones are my favorites.  I like early Pepe Le Pew, early Daffy Duck, early Foghorn Leghorn.  Conrad the Sailor is one of my dearest cartoons.

Ok, so I’m avoiding chores.  I admit it.  I have to vacuum, dust, organize, mop, sweep, and a myriad of other tasks that appeal to me less than paper cuts do.

Oh, I just finished reading Ready Player One by Cline.  It was excellent.  Very absorbing.  Sort of a dystopian future that takes the concept of “Second Life” to a whole new level.  And of course, there was an underdog and he rises to the top, so you know I loved it.

Ugh.  If this cartoon isn’t one of my faves, I’m going to clean.  And…. it’s not.  Sylvester.  Pfft.  His only appeal to me is that Mel Blanc said Sylvester’s voice was the closest to his real voice.

And there we have it.  Bye for now.


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